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Great coffee is always an adventure, and we love a good adventure. The kind that sweeps you away from the noisy clutter of civilization, off to dusky jungle villages most travelers will never see. These exotic destinations reward us with unbelievable tales, unforgettable people and uncommonly flavourful coffee.


Faster than you can pour that perfect brew, sign up for fresh roasted coffee.


Perfectly crafted by our in house chemist, there's a roast here to please everyone.


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Outstanding roaster. I've traveled to many countries including origin countries and tasted many beans. All I can say is that Rosetta does an amazing job at sourcing and roasting great coffee. In addition - they are incredibly business and wholesale friendly. Don't waste time with other roasters, skip straight to the best.

John V.

Delicious! Rebecca put a custom blend together for me and coarse-ground it for cold brewing. The taste is so fresh and bright. I can't wait to check out the subscription service!

Laura B.



Rosetta Coffee Company
404 Munford Street, Lynchburg, VA 24501

Phone: 434-515-1399

Email: [email protected]

Open: 9-5 M-F EST

Our Mission:

We are a small batch specialty coffee roaster based in Lynchburg, Virginia and we have been roasting and distributing specialty coffee in the southeast since 2006. Rosetta Coffee is committed to choosing the finest quality green coffee beans and making them into the most delicious and innovative coffees available. We micro-roast all of our coffees that is why you can be sure that every cup of coffee you brew is the freshest possible. Rosetta Coffee aims to connect you to the coffees you will love.