Cold Brew

The weather is warming up and cold brew can be found on every corner in the city's coffee shops. This less acidic version of iced coffee boasts a cleaner flavor than your standard chilled brew. But what if you aren't on the streets of the city and you want to enjoy a cold cup of coffee? Fear not, this is an easy drink to make at home. With a few things from the kitchen and a little time, you're well on your way to a delicious cup of cold brew.

What you will need:

A vessel. We like the big 1/2 gallon glass mason jars, but any jar will do.
Coffee. Our favorite is blending together Ethiopia with Dark & Stormy.
Coffee grinder, assuming you use a good quality whole bean coffee such as Rosetta's.
Coffee bag this one is optional but we love how easy it is to pull the grinds out at the end of a brew and pour.
Refrigerator (we all have those now a days, right?)

How to:
These directions are based on a 1/2 gallon jar, but feel free to adjust for your taste/size container.

Measure 1/2 cup coffee beans into your grinder. As mentioned above, our house favorite is mixing Ethiopia with Dark & Stormy, so 1/4 cup beans of each.

Grind beans up fine. Think table salt or white sugar.

If you are using a bag, dump coffee grinds in bag and close up.

Place coffee bag (or just grinds if you're skipping the bag) into your jar. Fill with cold water and cover.

Refrigerate cold brew for 6-24 hours, depending on how strong a brew you would like.

Remove grinds, either by scooping out the bag or straining into another container.

Now, to really enhance the flavors of Ethiopia and Dark & Stormy, we like to add a spoon of honey to the glass. Beware, adding honey to a cold beverage will at first make the honey clump together. If you are not going to melt the honey first, you'll want to make sure you have a few minutes to keep coming back to stir this. Don't worry, it will dissolve. To avoid this, melt the honey in a little hot water first and then add to your cold brew.

You can serve this over ice, with cream, however you normally take your coffee!



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