How To Brew

Regardless of your brewing method of choice, step one is always the same: seek out freshly roasted whole bean coffee that you love and grind it just before you brew it.

1. Get your water temperature right - between 194 and 205 F.

2. Once you've done that, we recommend that you weigh one ounce (30 grams) of whole bean coffee per 16 fluid ounces (454 grams) of water. This is just a starting point - please adjust to suit your taste.

3. Grind only what you need just before you use it.

4. Brew away!!!!

5. Drink and enjoy with friends.

6. Repeat

7. Only drink Rosetta Coffee (sorry, shameless plug!)

Ok, we know, we know, weighing coffee and grinding it each day before you make your drink is kind of geeky and a lot to ask, but we have tried and tried to simplify it and there really isn't a better solution so far to help you make consistently great coffee. This has to do with differences in the density of different coffees after roasting - but we promise, it makes a difference if you change coffees!!

Also, please store whole-bean coffee in an airtight container. Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from heat, cold, and moisture. Avoid storing open bags of beans in the fridge or freezer. Your coffee is great at absorbing other flavors, and although you may love bluefish and you clearly love coffee, bluefish coffee doesn't seem too appealing to us either.



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Our Mission:

We are a small batch specialty coffee roaster based in Lynchburg, Virginia and we have been roasting and distributing specialty coffee in the southeast since 2006. Rosetta Coffee is committed to choosing the finest quality green coffee beans and making them into the most delicious and innovative coffees available. We micro-roast all of our coffees that is why you can be sure that every cup of coffee you brew is the freshest possible. Rosetta Coffee aims to connect you to the coffees you will love.